Tjark Schoenfeld

  • Curriculum Leader Creative Arts, Illustrator & Artist
  • Birmingham, UK

Since I can remember I have been interested in art and illustration. This interest was in particular fuelled by my father who took me to countless fine art exhibitions and other cultural events, which in turn inspired me to create my own visual stuff. Friends and family who know me will remember that there were times in my life where my bedroom was hung – not to say ‘cluttered’- until the ceiling with my own drawings, illustrations and paintings.
After completing my GCSE’s in Germany, I became an apprentice in interior decoration. This was shortly after followed by fine art and design studies from foundation level up to masters level at several colleges and universities in Germany and the UK. Over the years, I have taught art, graphics and illustration at several British colleges and universities. Since 2006, I am working as a lecturer and course leader for illustration, graphic design and art & design at colleges of further education in the West Midlands. I specialise in illustration, fine art print, digital image manipulation and stop-frame animation. I am the Curriculum Leader for the departments of Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the Sixth Form College in Solihull.
In my spare time, I greatly enjoy working on my own projects and commissioned illustrations. I find peace and calm from a busy working schedule in the garden at the back of my house, while pruning and maintaining my small vegetable plot.

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