Ongoing project, illustrations for the web blog

Illustration for post on 'How to behave correctly in cities', i.e. how some do not behave right.

It has been more then 20 years since Germany re-united, this is an illustration for a post, which discusses nostalgia and the idea of 'East-German-Theme-Parks'.

Post on the difficult decision to either 'envy or support other people', if they are more successful or lucky in life.

Anton - My best mate is coming out of the closet...(finally!)

Everybody knows this frustration, we are living in a digital age and we are having to memorise and remember countless log-ins and passwords, frustrating!

Illustration for a post, which discusses the issue of how society forces certain stereotypes upon us and how we should best deal with it.

Illustration for post on 'How some people are too occupied by social networking'